Zenon Castillo

Born on Milwaukee’s north side, Zenon (better know as Zen) is a professional visual artist and muralist with over 20 years of experience in creating, designing, and directing large scale interior and exterior projects locally, nationally, and internationally. His characteristic style of spray paint, graffiti, and abstract works expresses his love for music, life experiences, and the built environment and is immediately recognizable by Milwaukeeans around the city.

Zen was previously the Creative Arts Director at TRUE Skool, Inc. where he mentored youth and fostered their artistic expression. During this time he also formed EMPHCON (Emphatik Concepts), a visual arts studio dedicated to neighborhood beautification through murals where he hosts Visual Warfare events – 100% legal one-on-one graffiti battles.

Watch EMPHCON’s first Visual Warfare battle below:

More videos at EMPHCON’s website: https://emphcon.wordpress.com/