Welcome Adventurers!

Welcome to the Milwaukee Mural Map, an interactive map that documents the outdoor murals in Milwaukee with information including the artists who painted them, when they were painted, their titles, and their backstories. Documenting the murals of Milwaukee is a on-going (and hopefully never-ending) process that showcases what’s important to the people of Milwaukee: their goals, dreams, heroes, history, their opinions, and their love for their communities.

Check out a mural on your way to work or take an afternoon off and go on a self-guided tour! Make sure to stop by some of the local cafes and shops along the way. As the website and Map develops, additional suggested biking tour routes will be added. If you do not have a bike or do not have a way to transport it to the city, you can rent bikes at a number of locations in Milwaukee. Bublr Bike rental stations and shops that rent bikes can be seen on the Map by checking the box next to “Bike rental locations” at the bottom of the Mural Legend on the Map. If you are new to biking in the city or an urban environment, check out the Milwaukee bike laws and urban biking tips page.

Instructions on Map functions can be found on this page directly below the Map

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To find a mural: Murals are represented on the map by the yellow camera icons. Clicking on these icons brings up information about each mural. To find a specific mural you can do one of two things: 1) zoom in to a location by double clicking on an area or on the zoom icon (a “+” sign in the lower righthand corner of the map) until you find a view that you like, or 2) if you know the name or exact location of a mural, you can click on it in the Mural Legend located on the lefthand side of the map.

To open or hide the Mural Legend: Sometimes when Google is making updates to Google Maps Engine, the Mural Legend becomes hidden. To open the Mural Legend, simply click on the button in the upper lefthand corner of map (it looks like 3 dots and 3 lines). To hide the Mural Legend, click the upwards facing arrow at the very bottom of the Mural Legend box.

To get directions to a mural: Click on the link next to “Directions.” It will open in a new window (for mobile users, it will go straight to your Google Maps/Navigation app)

To turn on or off bike tour routes/bike rental locations: All bike routes are automatically turned on, meaning that they are visible on the map. If you want to turn them off, scroll down on the Mural Legend and click on the check box next to the name of the bike route you do not want to see. To turn them back on, check the box again. Bike rental locations are automatically turned off. To turn them on, check the box next to “Bike Rental Locations” at the very bottom of the Mural Legend.

To view the Map in full screen or to print Map: Click on the “expand” button in the upper righthand corner of the map to get to the full Google Maps page. To print the map, zoom in to the view you want and then use your browser’s print function to print a screenshot of the map.