If you would like to submit a mural to be added to the Map or information about a mural currently featured, please send an email to and include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Location of the mural (exact address and/or nearest intersection + on what side of the structure it is located)
  • Title of the mural
  • Artist(s)
  • Year and month painted
  • Description of the content in the mural/story behind the mural
  • Images of the mural and painting process

I will always credit you for any photos, quotes, and large sum of information that you provide.

This website only features outdoor murals, as it would be too impractical to include both indoor and outdoor murals. I do not include murals whose primary purposes are to advertise products or businesses. I will include, however, murals that focus less on the product or business and more on images that beautify and unite the neighborhood. I do not have a formal system in place for determining if a mural is more “community focused” or “business focused,” and the decision is solely at my discretion; but my general rule of thumb is that if 30% or less of the mural is about promoting a product or business, the mural qualifies to be on the Map.

Regarding graffiti murals, they can be considered for the map if they meet 3 qualifications: 1) they were made without malicious intentions, 2) they were made for the benefit of the community around it, and 3) the person(s) who painted it received permission to do so from the owner of the building.