The Process

To start the momental process of figuring out where Milwaukee’s mural were located in the city, Caitlin first reached out to colleagues and community members to see what murals they already knew of. Through their referrals alone, Caitlin learned of over 40 murals in Milwaukee. A handful of murals she learned of through friends, and another 20 she found simply through exploration of areas. To protect herself in case of any unlikely but possible legal issues regarding copywriter infringement, Caitlin physically went to every suggested mural in Milwaukee and took photos of them herself (this also allowed for her to make sure the murals still existed). This is how Caitlin still handles new murals that have been submitted to be added to the website.

In order to get the information about the murals, Caitlin did a ton of Google searching and a ton of good old fashioned, on-the-ground investigating by making phone calls and sending emails, speaking with mural artists, stopping into stores and talking to store owners, and talking to residents. The information on the website is either paraphrased or directly quoted using quotation marks and a linked reference. For some murals, information was very easy to find and readily available; for others, either no information could be found or very little existed on the internet. But she’s only one person and never expected to find everything on her own. This is why she depends on your input, the adventurers of Milwaukee.