The Creator


The Milwaukee Mural Map and website was created by Milwaukee area native and explorer, Caitlin Sprague. She’s a social worker with very eclectic interests, a quirky attitude, and a love for ice cream and hedgehogs (which she used to own and take on amazing adventures). She thinks murals are pretty cool, with her favorites being those that use very vibrant colors. When she’s not mural hunting or working on the website, she’s usually off geocaching, learning random science facts, reading horror novels, drinking tea and eating (she won a pie eating contest at Old World Wisconsin over the summer), or getting hooked on Netflix and staying up much later than she should.

While Caitlin has moved around a few times, Milwaukee has always held a special place in her heart and she’s glad to be home again. Currently, she works as a Community Organizer on the west side of Milwaukee. This put her in an advantageous position to gather the information necessary to create the Milwaukee Mural Map. As a Community Organizer she is able to meet countless amazing and interesting individuals in equally amazing and interesting neighborhoods, which couldn’t delight her more: she loves connecting with and getting to know the people who live and work here.

She firmly believes that Milwaukee has more to offer than most people think, and she hopes that people will visit Milwaukee more often and explore it deeper after visiting this site. There are 75 neighborhoods in Milwaukee and there are amazing things to get excited about in each. How many have you explored?